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Last update: 13.09.2022

Indexation guarantee

Advertiser can choose the best option:

1. Without a package. Create requests, without using any additional options.

2. Package of guarantees “Loss prevention” costs 10% of the request price.

It works if the link has been in error status for more than 30 days, i.e. it is not placed on the site. You can get your money back for such a link by applying to Technical Support for a compensation guarantee. The guarantee is valid for 1 year from the date when the request was accepted.

3. Guarantee package "Link indexation and link loss prevention” costs 15% of the request price.

Valid for the warranty period (1 year) if the link is more than 30 days in error status: was not placed on the site.

The indexing guarantee enters into force if the link is not indexed - within 90 days of being placed. You can also get reimbursed for such a link.

You can choose which guarantee package you want when you create your request.

If you see that the submission is not indexed, please contact our technical support. After request our team will check the situation and reimburse your account balance in case the request is not indexed.

Attention! Guarantee of indexation does not cover the requests that were indexed and then dropped out of the index. Thus it is necessary to notice that requests which have dropped out of an index negatively influence the percentage of indexation of a webmaster's site (%I). Sites with bad %I practically do not get new requests, that is why webmasters are interested in returning pages to the index of search engines and take various measures to index unindexed requests.

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Removal prevention guarantee

Serpzilla provides users with a one-year placement guarantee. Please, contact our technical support for reimbursement of paid requests.

Reimbursement of guarantee cases is made by bonus funds. They cannot be withdrawn from the system, but can be spent in Serpzilla for any purpose like any other money.

When selecting this option, the advertiser agrees that if a guarantee case occurs, a similar site will be selected according to our algorithms.

The cost of the placement guarantee is 10% of the request price.

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