Publisher’s Interface

Last update: 13.07.2022

Publisher’s interface allows you to efficiently manage the sale of links on your sites.

  1. Add site (Serpzilla links) - add a new site to Serpzilla to place niche edits.

  2. Add site (Guest post) - add a new site for guest posts in the Serpzilla system.

  3. New requests are a quantity of new requests waiting for manual confirmation by the webmaster. If you want the requests to be confirmed automatically, please, choose this option in the site settings.

  4. Links in status - total number of links from all sites with the specified statuses.

  5. Sections - button for creating a new section for the sites and their transfer from one section to another. Section creation is a handy tool for dividing sites by groups if there are a lot of them registered in the account.

  6. Collapse all sites - if this button is ticked, all information (starting from point 20) for each site will be automatically displayed when you enter the page.

  7. Site Unfold Button - The page unfolding function is the same as in point 10, but the page unfolding is automatic, while in this case it is done by pressing this button.

  8. Site - below you can see the addresses of the sites you have registered in the system as sites.

  9. DA - MOZ Domain Authority score for this site.

  10. CF and TF are the Majestic, Citation Flow and Trust Flow scores for this site.

  11. Traffic - data about site traffic according to our counter.

  12. Status - The status of the site in the system.

  13. Requests - below is the number of requests for links on the given site, waiting for manual confirmation by the webmaster.

  14. Links - below is the number of links in different statuses on the site.

  15. Earned - below is the statistics on the site earnings, in the rows "today", "yesterday" and "total" (total is the sum for the entire time of the site on this account). Highlighting in green means that the site income increased compared to the previous day, in red - the income decreased.

  16. Sort by means that displayed below sites will be sorted by ascending/descending specified in the window parameter.

  17. Statistics is the page with financial statistics for a marketplace.

  18. Settings is a button with settings of a marketplace.

  19. Price Management is a section to manage the prices.

  20. Rented/Contextual/Traffic Pages are sections for switching the information on pages 26, 27 and 28 by pages and contextual pages.

  21. Total pages is a column below that shows the number of pages: main, second and third level nesting and total number of pages.

  22. Available placements is a column below that shows the number of places available for links on the home page, total on all second-nesting pages, total on all third-nesting pages, and "total" spaces available on all site pages.

  23. Total placements is a column below that shows the total number of places (occupied + free) on all pages of your site: main, second and third nesting levels, and "total" on all pages.

  24. Subject is the theme of the site in our system.

  25. Site language - the system automatically determines the language of your site by what language is used for website content. 

  26. Reindexing is the line that shows the date of last reindexing of a site in the system, and also the button "Reindex", allowing you to put the site in line for reindexing. You can send the site for reindexing only if one month has passed since the last reindexing, in which case the date will no longer be displayed. In addition, the "question mark" leads to the "settings" page of the site, directly to the section with reindexing settings.

  27. Export all data - Clicking on this button opens a menu for exporting various link data. Check the boxes for the necessary data, currency and format of the file to be exported.

  28. Export sites - Clicking on this button automatically exports the sites data to an .xls file.

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