Link removal rules

Last update: 01.07.2022

Warning! Guest post link removal service does not guarantee that the link will be removed from the page, as it is the webmaster's decision. He decides whether the link will be removed or not. The service only provides an opportunity to try and remove the link.

For an advertiser:

If the adviser needs to withdraw the submission from the webmaster's site, he can make his own withdrawal request from the system interface. To do this, find the request that you want to withdraw in the list of requests, click on its number, and in the window that will open below will be a button "Remove link", which will be indicated and the price of withdrawal. If you need to withdraw many links, you need to send a message to the support with a list of links. The withdrawal price is 20% of the price of the link. This can be done only after the link has been fully paid for. If the request has not been paid yet, it will be paid automatically. Funds for withdrawal are blocked on the SEO's balance until the webmaster closes the request.

If the webmaster's website is penalized by Google after the submission has been made, the SEO has the right to cancel the link with a refund, and no compensation is provided to the webmaster for writing the content. This rule only applies to requests that have never been approved by the SEO. For all other requests, the standard withdrawal rule applies with a 20% cost.

For a webmaster:

If the SEO's link is invalid and the webmaster needs to remove such a link, he must write a message with the request of changing a link to the SEO in the comments to the request.

If the SEO has not responded to the comment and has not changed the link within 15 days, you can remove such a "broken" link from your website and write a message to technical support asking to change the request to "for removal" status.

If only the link in the task does not work and the SEO’s website is available, then you can only change the link in the task to the main page of the SEO's website.

If the SEO offered another URL that was subsequently deleted or blocked as well, there is no need to connect with the SEO again. A request may be removed without any further conditions.

If the SEO has identified a request for removal on the webmaster's site, then the webmaster needs to remove the link. If the site redirects to a page of the form "" when opening the missing page, then for technical reasons we cannot mark such a request removed.

Checking removal:

Links removal is checked by our robot within seven days, after which the request is set to "Removed" status and the webmaster receives payment.

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