How it works

Last update: 08.06.2022
  1. Register in the system. You will get access to your personal account and you can start working with the platform

  2. Place a special protected system code or WordPress plugin on your website

  3. Add a website to your Serpzilla account

  4. The system itself will evaluate the metrics of the website and offer the best price for selling backlinks. You can also set your own price.

  5. You choose what pages and places will be available for backlinks

  6. You get a flow of requests to place ads on your website and moderate them

  7. Backlinks are placed on your website

  8. Money is charged daily in case the backlinks remains placed on your website

Install Serpzilla code

Get our special security code for automatic placement of backlinks.

This is very similar to how Google Ads’ code works. Our technology makes it easy to install the code and automate the ad placements. It also makes ads indexable and relevant for ranking in Google.

If your website is on WordPress platform, you can install our WordPress plugin. It will make your work in the system easier.

With the help of special settings, you can easily customize the most suitable place and the way backlinks look like on your site.

Add site

After code or plugin installation - add your site to your Serpzilla account

Set your price

You can set price for groups of pages or individually for each page. The price is set per month of placement, but you receive money every day.

You can sell links on pages with higher traffic with more profit

Calculation example

The cost of a backlink is set per month, but the payment is charged up daily. 


- You sell 1 backlink from homepage with price USD 90

- You receive daily payment USD 3 to your Serpzilla account

- After a 1 year of placing this backlink your total earning will be USD 1,080 - only for 1 backlink

- And you can sell hundreds of backlinks

More than 80% of SEOs place backlinks for more than 1 year. Lots of them usually place backlinks from 2 to 5 years.

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