Link status in Serpzilla

Last update: 01.04.2022

In process

  • Creating means that the application is being created.

  • Awaiting moderation - for applications of the "Article" format, all uploaded articles are pre-checked by the moderator. Applications that are awaiting moderator action are marked with this status.

  • On placement - the application is being processed by the website owner/webmaster

Application - applications awaiting action from the optimizer.

  • Requires confirmation - applications selected by auto mode. They have not yet been sent to the website owner/webmaster and you can confirm or cancel them for any reason.

  • Data specification - applications that webmasters sent to you for revision. After reviewing, do not forget to send an application back to the website owner/webmaster for placement.

Placement check - the website owner/webmaster has placed advertising material on his site and you need to check the placement. The placement will be automatically accepted after 4 days.

Sleep - the link is blocked due to the zero balance of the SEO-specialist, or the SEO-specialist has suspended the placement of the link. The link is not placed on the site, and money is not charged for it.

  • Manually - the SEO-specialist has suspended link placement.

  • Insufficient funds - the link is blocked due to the zero balance of the SEO-specialist.

Link change - applications with changes:

  • determined for link removal,

  • applications in which you asked to change the links

  • applications in which the site owner/webmasters asked for price increases. The reasons for the price increase are indicated in the comments to the application.


  • Placed - the link is correctly placed on the site.

  • Self link (free) - free links on your sites for interlinking.

Placement error - the system detected an error in the placement of the link by the website owner/webmaster. For Serpzilla links, money for a link in this status is not charged from the SEO-specialist’s account until the website owner/ webmaster corrects the situation.

Removed - this group includes removed Serpzilla links and articles, in which the website owner/webmaster has removed the link and payments for the removal have been made.

Canceled - this status unites all applications that were canceled for various reasons. The website owner/webmaster may reject the application if he doesn’t want to place it, or after the expiration of the placement period. The advertiser can cancel the application if he changed his mind to place it. The moderator can cancel the application for any reason if there has been a violation of the rules of work in the system.

Not indexed - applications that have not been indexed within 75 days.

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