Installing the Serpzilla code on the website owner/webmaster's site

Last update: 30.08.2022

To place automatically the links that you bought in the system on your site, you need to place a special client code on it.

After that, you need to go through the process of adding a site to the system.

How to add a website to the system

  1. Install client code on your site. (Installation instructions depend on the platform and client version, please refer to the instructions).

  2. Go to the Website owner/Webmaster section and click the "Add site" button.

  3. Specify the URL of the main page of the site, as well as the page of the site where the client code is located. Specify other site parameters (section, subject). click the Add site button.

  4. If the client code is installed correctly, the site will be added to the system for moderation.

  5. After moderation, the site will be accepted or rejected. You will see the corresponding status and the reason for the rejection. 

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